PROJECT:     LHF(tm) Digital Cinema | 4 projects

ARCHITECT:  Ronald G. Firestone      COMPLETION:  TBD 2017

SCOPE OF PROJECTS:    1200 sq ft DCP Wine Cellar Digital Cinema

                                  Library Cinema System

                                  900 sq ft Family Room Media System

                                  Outdoor Theater 35 foot screen DCP

BUDGET:    TBD  $$$$$  a few custom Rolls Royces

Image Courtesy:   Ronald G. Firestone Architects

PROJECT:      Maui Hawaii  |  Located near the Maui Prince Hotel at Makena Beach

CLIENT:         ISOLAR New York | management company to David Bowie and manager
                     Bruce Dunbar

ARCHITECT:   Arthur Erickson

SCOPE OF LEADER PROJECT:   4 systems:  major Living Room Theater and LHF Sound
                                                               isolated music studio with LHF Sound
                                                               library music playback system LHF Junior
                                                               master bedroom suite with Dolby Surround

OVERALL PROJECT TECHNICAL SYSTEMS:  $ 1.8 million (approx 5 tons / 4546 Kgs of                                                                                           studio grade HD video and                                                                                             custom LHF sound systems)

PROJECT:     Redevelopment of existing obsolete screening room created in's about time

CLIENT:        City of Beverly Hills and Friends of Greystone Mansion

SCOPE OF PROJECT:    Establish an international level of studio reference grade advanced Digital Cinema, to encompass emerging developments to include resolution capabilities to 8K, HFR, 3D, Laser Projection, all 3D sound formats to include:  Leader 3Dx(tm), Dolby ATMOS(tm), Auro-3d, IOSONO

together with Leader Hollywood Format(tm) advanced dubbing stage sound systems.  Leader to design variable room acoustics to optimize the theater for chamber music and soloists.  Full video conferencing and AV support for B2B across the country and around the world.

Projects in Development

PROJECT:    Bay Harbor, Michigan USA  |  Summer Residence for International Music Industry Executive

​CLIENT:       Confidential

ARCHITECT: Michel LaFlamme

SCOPE OF LEADER PROJECT:     World Class Digital Cinema Screening Room with advanced LHF 3Dx                                                         with provisions for DOLBY Atmos(tm) 3D sound

OVERALL PROJECT TECHNICAL SYSTEMS:    Bespoke LHF(tm) 22 channel sound system

                                                                 CinemaScope 14 ft / 4268 mm wide screen

                                                                 Digital Cinema Projection and allowance for DCI certification

                                                                 Crestron system management and control

PROJECT DURATION:   18 months        BUDGET:   2 X  Rolls Royce  $$$$

The Residences of Distinguished Merit(tm)

The Lighthouse Residence at Bay Harbor, MI

LHF(tm) Bay Harbor Michigan

LHF(tm) Maui Hawaii USA

Image courtesy:  City of Beverly Hills