An EMMY is more than a trophy. 

             It is the hallmark behind our affirmation in creating exceptional high

             value solutions to enrich the rewarding entertainment experience.


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What Clients Say About Us

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"Leader Cinema is indeed a solutions oriented organization.  With their award winning expertise they are beyond selling an A to Z line card of products.  Their bespoke designs and engineering results in exceptional studio class sound. With mega-sized digital cinema screens....the screening room experience has that star quality."


Bruce Dunbar,

Manager to David Bowie / Isolar New York

"Michael, you should call your systems satellite 'cause they are out of this world!"
                              ......Buzz Aldrin, NASA

Pictured Left to Right:  Michael Leader,
Mrs Anne Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Buzz Aldrin
Image Courtesy:  Halevy Productions, Hollywood

“We auditioned the Leader Hollywood Format(tm) cinema and sound system in their Beverly Hills screening room.  Master and Commander contains massive cannon sound effects exchanged between the British and French.  The Leader LHF(tm) system is the first sound system where our team could actually hear the difference in pitch between the cannons.  Music playback takes on a realistic "you are there experience”.  Simply the best system with the fidelity to match 2K and 4K Digital Cinema images.

Christopher Hansen,

Director of Engineering, Buena Vista/Walt Disney Company