Walt Disney Main Dubbing Stage  Home of the first Leader Hollywood Format system.  

British Consul General Hancock Park Official Residence, Los Angeles   Leader LHF Outdoor Theater for 325 Hollywood and British Motion Picture Professionals sponsored by BAFTA.  Full LHF 3Dx Surround

TKF HD Screening Room Vancouver | Hong Kong TV & Film Producer

NHK Tokyo HD Presentation Suite.  LHF Sound and Room Acoustics

Presentation Suites and Theaters

                 Leader Hollywood Format  DCI 4K Reference Screening Room  | 36,000 Watt LEADER LHF Sound System 

"This sounds and feels just like the Steven J. Ross Theater wow, and it's right here in Beverly Hills"

                                                                         .....Donald Petrie

Video Production Group DI Suite by Leader Cinema. Turnkey LHF project.

Leader developed an "Arnold" sized mega LHF sound system for Carolco Pictures and The Beacon Group to showcase the stunning T2 digital sound soundtrack.  Audience size 2240.   See the Technical Case Study.  Orpheum Theater seats 2600 Image taken during set up.

Hong Kong TV & Film Producer Studio Grade HD Screening Room in Vancouver Canada

                H O L L Y W O O D    N O R T H     vancouver canada

350 Seat State-of-the-Art LHF Theater Multi-Formats:  35 mm studio projection, digital, 6tk interlock, Leader 3Dx/Dolby Digital/Dub Stage quality acoustics and support systems